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I’ve never been the type of person to really push myself outside of my comfort zone…until now! My love for beauty, fashion, travel, and some good ole ‘girl gab’ has lead me to starting this blog. I’m excited to share some of the things that make me smile and say ‘yesssss!’, and hope that you’ll do the same in reading my content 🙂

With that being said, I was doing my usual Target run last weekend (you know…going in for bleach and leaving with a full cart lol!) when I came across this beautiful jumpsuit. The floral detail drew me in and when I picked it up, I loved the lightweight material. It would be a perfect ‘summer ‘chill day’ outfit. Paired with simple jewelry and my current bag obsession, I was in love! This past Sunday’s weather made for a beautiful morning to grab some pics at Dilworth Park before heading to brunch!

So tell me ladies, do you stumble across any great finds when you least expect in stores like Target? It can’t just be me 😉

Until later friends… 

Photo Credit: @shared_memories_photography

24 thoughts on “Welcome to Life With Sangria

  1. I love the jumpsuit. Of course the bag and glasses makes the outfit look even more amazing. Great post!!!

  2. Hi Tonya… Congratulations on your new blog!! I love the jumpsuit! You really make it look good! And yes I too love finding great things when I least expect… especially in stores like Target!!

  3. Love a good jumpsuit! Love the bag! Love the glasses! Love it all! #thispostiseverything #targetyakeshalfofmycheck

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