Skincare Beyond the Face

Typically when we talk about skincare, the conversation is limited to the face. Well guess what: we have to remember to show the rest of the body some love too! You cannot have your face on fleek and the rest of your skin on flake, okayyyy😉

With that being said, here are a few things that I like to do that go beyond my face routine.

Choose a body gel that caters to your skin issues
I’ve been lucky enough to have never suffered from acne on my face, but my back is a different issue. I used to get breakouts often and it really bothered me because I’m such a stickler for skincare. I started using Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash which contains salicylic acid and within a couple of days of using it the breakout went away. I was sold and have used it ever since, rarely having any bacne (back acne) breakouts.

Exfoliate your ENTIRE body
If you’ve never used a body scrub, you’re missing out. Think about how good your face feels after you exfoliate…you’re introduced to this baby soft layer of skin that was just waiting to be revealed. Well, a body scrub does the same for your skin all over. I only do this once a month but I may be bumping it up to ever 2 weeks…I love it that much! You can definitely purchase a body scrub but I like to take a DIY approach. Just choose an exfoliant (i.e. salt, white or brown sugar), a carrier oil (i.e. grape seed oil or sweet almond oil), and a few drops of pure essential oil for fragrance (i.e. lavender oil or rose oil). My usual combination is white sugar, sweet almond oil, and a little lavender. Give it a try… you won’t regret it!

Moisturize daily
It seems that it should go without saying, but your skin needs to be moisturized everyday. Aside from helping some us in the battle against the ash (lol), it really helps the skin to keep looking healthy, supple and glowing. Who doesn’t want to glow?! I love to use Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel with Shea & Cocoa Butter right out of the shower to really lock in the moisture. This keeps my skin feeling hydrated all day.

Try incorporating one or all of these tips and take your skin to the next level.

Until later…

14 thoughts on “Skincare Beyond the Face

  1. It took a while for me to get a facial routine and I must say, I had no idea what I was missing out on so I will definitely give this a try. Great post!

  2. Great post! I started using body scrubs a few years ago as opposed to a standard shower gel/bath soap and I have seen a huge difference in the smoothness and overall appearance of my skin. I enjoyed reading your tips and look forward to reading more of your posts x

  3. I just started using a body scrub I brought from bath and body works. I originally brought it for my hands, butttt one day I wash getting ready for shower and spotted the scrub let me try it on my whole body. It felt like I stepped into a new body. Sooo soft and moisturized. I’ve been using it once a week and it’s doing my body wonders

  4. You are so right about moisturizing everyday. The amount of people I’ve talked to that said that don’t put on lotion! *gasp* I always try to tell them to do so!

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