CND Vinylux Weekly Polish-How long does it really last…?

So let me just put this out there…I LOVE nails! I go back and forth between my natural nails and an acrylic set, depending on how I feel.

When I’m rocking my natural nail, the biggest problem is that the polish chips so quickly. I’m aware that I can use gel and I’m a fan of gel polish as well, but I like to give my nails a break from having to soak of the polish. Is this a problem that can be solved? Enter CND Vinylux Weekly Polish and Top Coat. This product claims to offer ‘7 day chip-resistant wear’ so I had to try it out myself. Here were my results (color is called Date Night):

Day 1

First Chip Day 5

I removed the polish that day because I can’t stand when my polish chips lol!

I do feel that the wear was better than other brands that I’ve tried but I will admit this is my first time using a polish and top coat from the same line.


Have any of you ladies tried this brand? Do you have any tips on making your polish last? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Until later…


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