5 Items To Put In Your Carryon

I’ll be the first to admit that I tend to over pack for vacation, but I’m working on scaling back a bit. This has made me pinpoint which items I feel I have to have with me when I travel. Here are some of my must have items for my carryon.



I tend to travel at the start of the Fall (aka cold season) and if there’s a cold to be caught, please believe that I will catch it. This is why before sitting in an air pressured cabin full of germs for hours (may seem dramatic but feels pretty accurate), I like to take a little something to boost my immune system. Emergen-C packets are easy to carry along and just need to be mixed with a little water so that you can drink it on down. I start to take them daily for the week leading up to my flight, and take a dose the day of while at the airport or in flight.


Evian Mineral Water Facial Spray

This spray has been my go-to for years now, and is never left out of my carryon bag. The air in the airplane cabin tends to dry out my skin quite a bit. As a person who naturally has dry skin, I hate the feeling of the added dryness. A spritz or 2 of this spray does the trick in re-hydrating my skin and it’s hypo-allergenic which makes it great for sensitive skin. The only thing to be mindful of is the fact that you’ll look super bougie spraying this on your face, but I’ve gotten over that haha!!


Mini liquor bottles

Now this tip is for those who like to enjoy a little cocktail, but may not necessarily want to stick the selections offered by the airlines or pay their prices. The mini liquor bottles typically fall within the 3.4 oz. guideline for liquids that are allowed in your carryon. Just as you would normally place you mouthwash, lotions, etc. in a plastic baggy, you can place your mini bottles of fun in there instead. Before boarding the flight, grab a juice/soda as a mixer and you’ll have a cocktail or 2 at a low price. I like to bring my Yeti stainless steel tumbler to mix the drink in and keep it nice and chilled.


Anti-Bacterial Wipes

Circling back to the topic of germs, studies have shown that the tray tables and armrests on the airplane can contain some of the highest levels of bacteria on the plane. You can use the wipes to clean those areas as well as your hands before having your meal/snack on the flight.


Chewing Gum

The high altitude of the flight can cause your ears to pop which is a pretty annoying and uncomfortable feeling. Chewing gum can help to prevent the ears from popping, as well as yawning or swallowing frequently.


These are some of my must have items for my carryon and hopefully you got a few new ideas for what to carry with you for your next flight.


What are you go-to items? I love getting new ideas so please do share! Until later…





One thought on “5 Items To Put In Your Carryon

  1. The big items for me are the alcohol bottles. Lol. I like to have a little buzz to start my vaca and before I actually get to my destination, I hate the idea of spending my spending money at the airport. I’ll def add the wipes and the bougie spray to my list for next time! Lol

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